Collection Period Furniture Tables

  Sheraton Birdcage Table With Carved Feet, circa 1795, Boston, Mahogany, 29”H x 31”W.
  Sheraton Swing Leg Game Table, circa 1800, Boston, Mahogany With Satin Wood Inlay, 29”H x 35”W x 17”D.

Hepplewhite Octagonal Tilt-Top Candle Stand, Circa 1795, Walnut, 27”H x 23”D x 16”W.

  Sheraton Dressing Table, circa 1810, Mahogany, 31”H x 38”W x 21”D, Original Brasses.
  Sheraton Dining Table, circa 1820, Mahogany with Inlay, 28”H x 47 ”W x 107 ”L, (two Pier Tables 21"W and one center drop leaf 65"W).  


Hepplewhite Candlestand, circa 1800, cherry, original finish, 28”H x 16”W x 22”D.

  Sheraton Candlestand, circa 1810, mahogany, original finish, 28”Hx 18”W 25”D.



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